Player-centric tournament platform that saves you time and energy.

Discord integration

Game API integrations

Automated processes

What's included


Player channels

Don't worry about getting players together as the Quickplay bot automatically seeds, and matches players in their private text channels. No more trying to find and contact missing players, and cause unnecessary delays in running your tournament.

Picking and banning maps

Get your matches set up in one place. Forget about banning maps via regular chat messages and forgetting what's left out in the pool: Quickplay bot keeps track of the maps and pick-ban order for you.

Manage via slash commands

Admins have a access to the player channels, and can easily help out if there are any problems. With a set of easy to use slash commands, managing a tournament is smoother than ever.

Game APIs Automation

Automatic score reporting

What would be quicker way to report scores accurately than running just one command. All the players need to do is type in /ggwp and Quickplay bot handles the rest! If there isn't a game API integration available, the bot will offer a manual solution. Via Discord, of course.

Currently only supporting Diabotical
Game APIs Automation

Rank players based on in-game rating

Seeding players in tournaments is always a hassle, especially if more unknown players want to participate. With Game API integrations, you're able to use the in-game ratings to help you with this.

Currently only supporting Diabotical

Announcements & real-time capabilities

Kick back and let the Quickplay bot automatically handle announcements about new tournaments, when the check ins start, update the bracket without reloading the tournament page, and more.

...and more to come

Here are some features which are planned for the future.

  • Tournament creation tools

  • Branding tools

  • Statistics

  • Social media integrations

  • Stream layouts and widgets

  • More game API integrations

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